Our service is very simple, but here are a few questions we commonly receive. If you don't see the answer here, you are welcome to contact us. Please be patient and we'll get back with you as soon as we can! The most common questions are in red below.

Do I need to download or install software in order to convert YouTube to MP3?

No, not at all. Our service is fast, free, and requires no software download or install.

How long does it take to convert a video to MP3 format?

Our service is one of the fastest in the world, with the average conversion taking just 10-20 seconds. Of course, this depends on the length of the video you're converting.

Is there a limit?

No, there is no limit! You're welcome to use our free service as much as you'd like.

Where can I find the MP3 file after I have downloaded it?

This depends on which folder you save downloads to. On a Mac it's usually in your "Downloads" folder, or on a PC it would normally be under "My Music". This may vary if you've changed your settings.

Also, it is important to note: Make sure that when your conversion is finished, and you're asked what you'd like to do with the file, that you choose SAVE file, and NOT OPEN file. Opening the file allows you to play it, but you won't be able to find it later. You need to SAVE it and notice which folder you're saving it to. That's where it will be.

I'm getting the error: "Grabbing Failed"

There are several possible reasons for this error:

  1. Either YouTube or our connection may be down or temporarily overloaded.
  2. The video may be blocked.
  3. The video may be restricted by country. Some YouTube videos are only accessible from certain countries. We cannot control this.

Most often, this is a temporary issue. We recommend waiting for a short time and then trying again. If that doesn't solve it, then the issue is likely related to #2 or #3, which we cannot control.

I'm getting the error: "Unable to connect to (srv21, srv24, etc.)" / "Failed to find file" / "Cannot find download site" / "Oops, the link is broken."

There are 2 possible reasons to receive these errors:

  1. One of the download servers may be down temporarily
  2. The source video file is broken

If you receive one of these errors, then the best solution is to click the link which says: "Download not working". This will clear the process and the video will be converted again on another server.

I'm getting the error: "The server is currently overloaded, try again later!"

This is a temporary issue caused by a jump in demand on the servers. We're constantly improving our service to minimize or eliminate this error, so the best solution to this one is to just wait a few minutes, and then try again.

I'm getting the error: "Invalid URL" but I can watch the video.

If you see this message, it means one of three things:

  1. The video format is not supported.
  2. Invalid URL syntax. Basically, this means there is a typo. Please make sure you are using the full URL of the video (including the http:// part)
  3. The video file may be restricted in your country.

I'm getting the error: "Warning: mysql_query()[function.mysql-query]: Access denied for user'nobody'@'localhost' (using password: NO) in /home/listento/public_html/v2m/check.php on line 158" (**or something similar to this message**)

This error should now be resolved with our recent server upgrade. However, if you see this, or something similar, it typically means that the server is experiencing very high volume at the moment. Please contact us through the Contact Page on the site if you see this so we can fix it.

How can I listen to my MP3 in iTunes and not Windows Media Player/Center?

If you want to listen to your audio file in iTunes, here are the basic steps to follow:
First, you need to click Download MP3, and then SAVE FILE.
Make sure iTunes is your DEFAULT player. If it's not the Default, you can change it through your Preferences/Options menu in iTunes. Or, you'll need to choose (in iTunes), File/Import and then select the files you want from your download folder.
If you need detailed instructions for changing the default player or importing files, please check in the iTunes Help Menu.

What is a URL?

The URL is the complete website address of a page or video want to see. For example, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXX - that entire underlined part is the URL.

Is the site optimized for a certain web browser? If so, which one?

While the site is not optimized for a particular web browser, we do recommend Firefox. Alternatively, Chrome and Safari are the next best. Internet Explorer is not the preferred browser. If you want to download Firefox for free, simply visit www.mozilla.com and install the latest version.

My MP3 file is a bit longer than the original video, why?

This is an issue with low quality audio on the video file.

How do I convert YouTube to MP3?

It's very simple. Please follow the step-by-step instructions on the homepage. Basically, you copy/paste the URL of the video you want to convert and then click "Convert to MP3". When the process is done, you click "Download MP3" and then save the file wherever you want.

Why YouTube2Audio.com is the best tool to get MP3 from videos?

We are the best for two main reasons:

  1. Faster service.
  2. Easy and clear interface. Just enter the URL and click "Convert to MP3" :-)

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